Suggestions for names in new brands. The name of a new brand on the market can serve as a very powerful tool for brand visibility and success. Knowing the products from the very first moment of their creation, we are able to link these values ​​to phrases and words so that the product qualities are clearly associated with their communication name.

Corporate identity. The brand’s signal is what is drawn to the mind of the consumer and its imaginative design is part of the success of the brand and its products. Starting with the design of the signal, we create all the communication material that will accompany the representatives of the brand at a global level.

Suggestions for names in new products. Another anti-wrinkle cream does not cause a market in such a saturated commercial environment. The name of a product is related to the result, the innovation it carries, or even some special, original ingredients and makes a significant contribution to the purchase decision.

Packaging design. Packaging is the consumer’s first contact with the brand. A properly designed packaging communicates emotionally and functionally benefits and has to express the personality of the brand and differentiate the product.

Marketing and export marketing tips. In cooperation with an experienced partner in marketing (A bit of Greece), we can give the client guidance and exit strategy in the domestic and global as well as the material needed to develop his brand.