Competitive market analysis. At the start of an assignment, the market benchmark that is of interest to the customer is always sought, as well as the need for the market we aim to cover. The best and most accurate description of the target product helps ensure that no unnecessary backfiring and loss of precious time.

Development of product formulation. Based on the experience, bibliography and the updated information of the laboratory scientists, the formulation begins with the selection of the most suitable raw materials by gathering their specifications and commercial elements (cost, minimum quantity of order, delivery times, etc.), in order to accurately predict their availability and behavior.

Preparation of laboratory samples. Standard samples are being prepared and the behavior of the products under development is being studied, mini-stability tests are carried out and perfumes or flavors are proposed in the direction agreed with the customer. After the first presentation, any observations are incorporated and we end up with the final formula.

Suggestion of suitable packaging materials for the products under development. Appropriate packaging materials are proposed to ensure optimal protection and functionality in use. After approval, product compliance checks are performed to guarantee optimal behavior of the finished product over time.

Conduct Physicochemical Stability Tests (Accelerated Aging). We test the behavior of products in different conditions (50οC, 40-45οC, 5οC, in light in the case of a transparent container, freeze / thaw cycles, etc.) and we associate the findings with the behavior of the products on the shelf during their «life». The tests are based on the fact that the reaction rate is doubled by 10οC increase in temperature.

Microbiological Stability Test (Challenge test) and determination of the Expiry Date of the products under development. In cooperation with external laboratories, we check the adequacy of the product preservative system and in combination with the physicochemical stability tests, we draw conclusions about the product’s lifetime.

Product specifications. Upon completion of the laboratory tests, all product documents for the dossier (formula, production method, specifications) are issued and with these documents the product is ready for incorporation on the industrial scale.

Finding the industry for the production and packaging of the products. We are looking for offers from at least 2 factories and we choose the partner who offers us the most quality and, of course, more economical solution.

Supervision of the first industrial scale production. The scientist who has developed the product supervises the first large-scale production to observe the precision of the production method and make any adjustments required by the approved product specifications.

Product Dossier development in accordance with EU legislation on cosmetics or in accordance with domestic food law. All the required information required by the product dossier (Cosmetic Dossier) is collected and the Safety Assessment of the finished product is completed.

Notification to the CPNP EU portal (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) for cosmetics or National Organization for Medicines for food supplements. The product is communicated to the EU for its circulation with the customer being considered as   the person responsible for the marketing of the product but our laboratory is communicated as the contact with the authorities so that we can react promptly to any questions.

Monitoring stability and any issues that arise during the marketing of products. Upon completion of product packaging, product stability testing begins to confirm the findings of laboratory tests in order to be ready to help with complaints or consumer comments.